mutt with multiple accounts


** WARNING: This is a 3 year old poorly written walk through. I am going to update it and make it somewhat more worth reading after the holidays (today is 12/17/2020). Come back for an update the week of the New Year. Thanks for reading! ** glorious mutt

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ssl enabled!


One of my long term goals is learning how to use the GNU/Linux tools freely available to me. By extension, any tools, protocols, standards, etc associated with this whole internet technology thing. Especially in the context of security. Not that this Trump administration doesnt give me the warm and fuzzies inside. Anywho…

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It’s rare I find a VIM theme that I can use for any extended period of time. Usually the highlights are too bright, or the contrast isnt enough, or its too much or i just dont like the colors. So I set out to make my own. Fortunately/Unfortunately I was super deep into an MF Doom listening session and so I let that guide me on the glorious path to rice. monstar_island

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