OpenWRT on R6080


I built a homelab for learning VMware that I want to have internet access. My ISP router is in a different room on the other side of the house. Far enough that running a cable is a hassle but right in range for a wifi bridge.

The R6080 does not have this function built into the firmware. No problem though, OpenWRT does and OpenWRT indeed runs on this. I ran into a few issues that were not too well documented and could cause a headache.


Double check your resolv.conf. No not that one (/etc/resolv.conf). The one running in your tmpfs (probably /tmp/resolv.conf.d/ And you may need to disable DNSMASQ if its running.


root@OpenWRT:~# opkg install luci … Collected errors:

  • satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for luci:
  • kernel (= 5.4.85-1-…)

root@OpenWRT:~# uname -a Linux OpenWRT 5.4.83 #0 Mon Dec 21 18:53:10 2020 mips GNU/Linux

Thats a bad time. You have 2 options. Rebuild your image against the required kernel version or higher, or you can it to ignore the dependency requirements.

I wouldn’t recommend you do this but it works as long as you arent too far out of date. I’ll see if I have time to get a new R6080 image up with the required kernel sometime in the near future….