Oh boy. Well, what a series of years we’ve been having, am i right? Well I don’t know about you but the lockdowns and COVID in general making it socially acceptable to avoid people has afforded me so much time to do the things I’ve been meaning to do for years. I’ve been letting the FOSS related stuff take a back seat to indulging in more creative and artistic things. I picked up a MIDI keyboard, an MPC and various DAWS and for the past 3 months I’ve been having the most fun I’ve ever had being terrible at something.

I am aware I promised to update my MUTT guide and that its also one of the primary reasons you might be visiting (I appreciate it btw). My apologies for not getting that done, but I will soon. Rest assured there will be more incredibly nerdy things posted in the future and more often. But for now? Kick-Snare-Kick-Kick-Snare.

Should you be interested you can hear some things here.